Is there a method to show import object in ui through api?


I’m working on an app that allows the user to import into a rhino document. I’d like to implement a method that allows the user to place their imported file into the rhino model space the same way the standard rhino method does. Is this possible through rhinocommon/api?

Thank you!


Hi @jbradley,

To me, it sounds like that, after importing, you need to select what you just imported and run the Move command. Does this sound right? If no, what other command or tool does as you describe?

– Dale

Thank you for your response @dale,

Per your suggestion I implemented the RunScript method with import and move.
I attempted to use the RhinoCommon Import option that I had seen in some documentation but for some reason did not have access to it through RhinoDoc.Import(filepath), perhaps for the better though as letting the user specify import options + using the move command seems like a more straight forward solution.

Thanks again!