Is there a method for knowing if file has data from certain plugin via its GUID?

As in the title. Thing is that certain plugin had its guid in v5 and for v6 plug have new guid but we’d like to remap old saved data from v5 file to v6. The whole thing is about transferring materials so @nathanletwory maybe you have a clue how to get things right? This time question relates to c++.

Hi @D-W,

Are we talking about a plug-in that you developed? If so, why did you change the GUID?

– Dale

Hi @Dale,

no this is case from rendering engine and there was some kind of issue due to versions of plugins cause for v5 was v1 of plug and for v6 will be v2 of plug and as a beta tester i looked around for ways how to support old scenes in new plug but so far it seems that our dev here nailed this somehow. So i think topic can be dismissed now.