Is there a list of unsupported Python methods for V6?

I figured it’s time to go through all of my scripts and make sure they work in V6. Right away I found a script that uses CurrentDimStyle that actually crashed V6. Is there a list prepared that shows what isn’t implemented yet? I’m not sure why Rhino crashed, but when I run it uncompiled in the script editor I see the traceback is identifying CurrentDimStyle as a problem.

Am I too early to be trying to make sure all of my scripts work?



Yeah, I think I shouldn’t be working on this yet. I can crash Rhino constantly with a variety of Python methods that worked in V5. I’m getting some deprecation warnings but I don’t know what I’m supposed to do about them.


@alain can you take a look at this.

We aren’t planning on pulling out support for any python functions in V6; we probably just need to wire things up a little different under the hood.

Like Steve says we’re not removing anything. In this particular case many objects with “Dimension” in their name will be renamed “Annotation”. For example CurrentDimStyle may be named CurrentAnnotationStyle. All this is still in movement so yes, it’s a bit early to be revising your scripts but I’m happy you’re thinking about it because that will be another way to validate our changes.

We don’t want to force users to update scripts if we can possibly get away with it. We need to carefully consider any changes to our rhinoscriptsyntax library. If there are cases where we absolutely have to make a change to the library’s SDK, we need to figure out a good way to inform people about these changes.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll wait on this.


That makes sense. Should those same rules apply to RhinoCommon? Because that’s where those names are being changed.

I trust you to make the right decision here. We should try our best to maintain backwards compatibility, but at the same time understand that in certain cases this is just not possible.

From a user’s perspective, I don’t think change is a bad thing, as long as it’s well documented.


FYI I test with the compat tool using V5 plug-ins to see if API in current RhinoCommon was changed and bring back those functions decorated with [Obsolete(“useful message here”] attribute - missing calls reported by the compat tool means something got either renamed or maybe signature changed in WIP RhinoCommon.