Is there a library of basics such as grass and stone in V5?

is there a library of basic materials with V5 for grass, if so where do I browse to.
I dont have flamingo or any other such as Maxwells etc, never had need before so not read up o it yet, then suddenly today I need to perform a quick cheap and cheerful render scene of grass to a Mesh and add some colour to surfaced buildings.

any video on how to create an outdoor scene with basic rhino V5 welcome.

Also to place a few trees into scene, any way to do that ?

…or can I make textures in photoshop ?, seems like I might have to do that with no replies on the above.


You are describing the architectural type rendering tools, materials,and features found in Flamingo.

Can I make any thing for V5 in pshop that i can use in standard V5 rendered view ?

Is it that no material exists for grass etc in basic rhino, I cant go buying flamingo for one scene for someone, I dont need it yet myself. One can apply material to objects in v5, just puzzled as to where such already are kept on my c drive.

If I apply grass to my mesh terrain , rendered view is the place to see it, am I right ? else not sure what use rendered view is.

Can I get a photo of grass and use that, what file type, size etc ? where to put it ?


Your best bet is to take or find a photo you can legally use as a background.
Then do a rendering if your object using a transparent alpha channel (PNG), and use a tool like Paint.Net to assemble a final image.

Hi John, I want to do grass on my mesh,
what size do I make the png file (…width x height as pixels) of the grass and where do I place it on c drive so as to be able to use it in rhino render view ?

you say i also need to make a background, sort of sky and clouds ?


anyone ?


Hi Steve- rendering is a pretty big topic, even with Rhino’s relatively limited tools - see Help on Materials and Mapping and Environments, as a start, I would say, then ask more specific questions.


some q&d answers, just to encourage you and help you not to get lost in this big topic.
Collect good images of your desired texture on different scales, and make a little library for yourself.
You may use the scale settings on, say, a grass leave for a lawn, but a lawn covered with tiles does not look nice and using one picture on a big object is faster than hundreds of small objects.
For an environment i often use a dome (sphere cut in two, remove the flat edge, apply a texture, for example of a wide angle picture of clouds, make it a bit transparant and turn off receive shadows.
As Steve mentioned, it’s a huge topic. I found experimenting an inspiring thing to do, made some nice renders with very basic means.

You might want to look into e-onsoftware, vue for stills and animation and LumenRT for realtime:

Or Lumion :

Hi, so to put a field type grass over a mesh covering a few acres, best to photo an entire field rather than a small area say 20ft square and tile that, tiles being repetitious would look silly. Tricky photographing a field in ortho view though.

I dont normally get a need to do this, until a sudden job would have looked good with it, but see it as an interesting area.

Thanks for the links.

Now I do have, I hope, Bryce. It took my interest many years ago and as far as I remembered was still a contender when I acquired it as part of a package on offer, from DAZ (not the washing up powder people !) in studio 4.5, then discovered that bundle didnt have it, so managed I hope to get it from Softonic for free, so my folders and notes tell me.

Is that any good, never got round to using it.
Is it better to export my surfaces out to Bryce, (not sure what file type to use but no doubt will find out !) and add effects there ?

Its for such work so maybe best. Wont cost me anything as I already own it.

If I alter a surface in rhino, and re-export the model, will Bryce update or need materials re-applying I wonder.

Guess I shall have to get onto a Bryce forum.

Anyone use Bryce, is it even worth going down this route or is it a has been ?

skys and lighting and trees etc, its made for that so best dabble there rather than try to use render view in rhino ?