Is there a grasshopper "cheat sheet" or "study guide" PDF out there?

I am not a great Grasshopper user, one reason being that I cannot remember all of the components and their respective functionalities. For example, I’ll be thinking of something in my head, and then try to attempt it in Grasshopper by “building it out from scratch” (using only simple components I’m familiar with), without realizing that there is already a specific component built-in that does exactly what I want to do. Does anyone else have this problem? Maybe it’s my poor math/logic skills…struggle a lot to “think the problem through” mathematically and immediately know what component could work.

I feel like a large, printable PDF, “cheat sheet” that lists “major” components at the top, and groups up handy components into different categories based on easy to understand functionalities could be useful. Like a quick glance at the document and boom, you would have an idea of which component would work for a definition. Does this exist somewhere? I could try to create something if people are interested, but I’m afraid my lack of experience/knowledge of Grasshopper would make it pretty rudimentary (I can’t necessarily group up components into categories effectively if I don’t really understand what they do to begin with).

I think this maybe some help, Should have a look at it more myself as it also seems to explain plug-in components which is nice.

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Wow, this is pretty much what I was thinking of haha, thank you. I just bookmarked it.

It is a few years outdated by now.