Is there a file size limit for export? I.e. .sat files

Hi Guys,

I’ve been on a steep learning curve with surface modelling and running into quite a lot of problems trying to make a model, I’m working through it but can’t always be sure it’s not the Mac version that’s buggy.

Recently I’ve been exporting a file progressively, the file size topped around 13meg but since adding more detail the export has dropped to 950kb with no other data exported.

Is there a limit to the export capability of the beta version?



So… I worked it out. Exporting the model as a step file brought in with it a rogue cylinder, an artefact from an old boolean operation. Turns out that Rhino still said the object was valid even though there was a slight blip in one of the filleted edges where tiny fragments of geometry had been joined with the rest of the model.

The strange thing is that the command was implemented five times along the same extrusion in the same plane etc yet only this one brought up an error, I think it’s perhaps where I’d cut the model in half earlier on.

Check edges brought up the error but there are lots of open edges where I’ve cut through the surface and not joined it up yet so hadn’t noticed it… It is about 3 microns so surely I can’t be let off :slight_smile: