Is there a direct Rhino7 Illustrator live-link scenario that works?

I’ve recently discovered Rhino and I’m very happy with what I see, particularly poly-lines on complex surfaces.

I’ve been using 3D MAX UVW templates in Illustrator for design purposes, but can see that a Rhino7->Illustrator live-link plugin would offer a superior workflow with more correct outcomes.

My question is, has anyone made or plan to pursue a Rhino7/Illustrator live-link plugin?

I am familiar with (but have not tried) Deisher Studio’s “Doodlebug” which worked with Illustrator 2015 via Grasshopper: The Ultimate Workflow: Rhino to Illustrator Live! — Deisher Studio but thought to ask if there there anything directly for Rhino.


Sidebar question:
Does Doodlebug work with current versions of Rhino and Illustrator?