Is there a component that returns a random number from a domain, but with a bell-shaped probability?

So, if I have a domain 0-1, I want random numbers returned…but I want most of them to be around .5 with outliers towards 1 or 0.

I don’t know if there is a plugin. The best is to make a script for yourself. It is very simple to do that.
Bell shaped probability is not clear. If you want a Normal distribution or Gaussian results will not ever be in the domain. Except is domain is set as > 3 Sigma.

You could mimic bell shaped with Graph Mapper

bell shaped (9.2 KB)

Uniform distribution

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So this doesn’t help you at all, but GH2 will have a large selection of random distributions, including Normal (i.e. Gaussian).


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Oh wow!

Thank you so much! Fantastic!