Is there a comand I can use to toggel mesh wires, insted of having to open up Rhino Options and do it in there?

I would like to be able to be in lets say be in a shaded view port and have a tool bar button to turn mesh wires on or off, normally I do this by opening up Rhino Options and do this in the display mode settings. Any suggestions on how I might be able to do this more quickly, with a custom tool bar button I could create?


You can use the check box for that display setting in the Display panel to the right of the UI (assuming you’re on v5). You could also make a copy of the display mode and then turn off the wires for the copy. Then make an Alias in Options to run SetDisplayMode followed by the name of your copied mode without wires. The same alias could be added to a button as well.

Thanks Brian,
Looked on the net but can’t figure out how to create a custom display mode and save it?
How do I do that?

Hi Flubber - see


Thanks Pascal and Brian, got it set up.