Is there a boolean split for surfaces?

Wondering if there is a boolean split for surfaces?

that would just be split, no?

Perhaps I’m being stupid. But I was imagining that these two rectangles would split into three pieces based on the overlap.

check out some of the aspects already mentioned in this topic:

there is also

ok, I see… thanks for the clarification.

for that, no… boolean split would most likely not work, but… you can use the crv switch for split and pick the edges of the surface as input and get a result. /

you would however, need to do it twice, in order to get the result you are looking for.

if you are not aware, you can run split, then type crv +enter to throw the curve switch… this allows you to pick surface edges as curves… work for trim too and is super useful.

I use curveboolean in this case. Pick the two, then click inside each outline area. If the option is not set to combine you will get 3 outlines.

Select cutting objects: select the 8 edges of the surfaces
Select objects to split : pick the the two surfaces

I was curious to see if my script would work in this case - it does actually. As it splits all objects(curves/surfaces) mutually, it will leave two center rectangular surfaces - the result of each overlapping surface being split by the other.

If you shrink all the surfaces to edge after, the duplicate surface will select with SelDup. (4.2 KB)


Thanks all. I learned some things. And Helvetosaur’s script is great for what I want.