Is the MRU toolbar portable?

I have a user that floats between CNC machines (hence also floats between Rhino seats) and he was asking how to get his MRU from the one computer to his current location. Is this info stored somewhere that I could access via a script that he could run to import his MRU toolbar? I can handle the script part, I just need to know where the data is saved, and if it could be portable.



Hi Dan - I don’t know, but I don’t think any of this is available to scripting - I’ll ask - but the stuff is here



I’ll see if I can find out how portable that is…

@DanBayn - these files - the top two in my image above - should be portable. If you move them back and forth to the appropriate locations, you should get consistent MRU. Now… this system will be different in V8 so the file to copy/move will change but it should all work similarly.
Let me know if that does not work…


Thanks @pascal

This is exactly what I needed to know.