Is the GetLocalTangentPoint method buggy?

Sometimes the GetLocalTangentPoint method identifies only one tangent spot on a curve when there are more than one tangent. Increasing the seedParmameter does not help. Why is the method not locating the second tangent point? "What can be a solid alternative for identifying tangent points besides this method? (7.6 KB)

… i had similar problems with GetLocalTangentPoint

splitting the curve and evaluating the smaller curves / sections should help.

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looks like a geometric problem of the curve.
if you rebuild the curve, or fitCrv or _removeMuliKnot…
the tangent-point is found

splitting is not nescessary…
splitting does not help.
your script works as soon as you rework the curve.

find attached version including splitting… (11.9 KB)

Much obliged! Yes, rebuilding of the curve has solved the problem! Perhaps the problem with edit point density