Is ShowSelectedInDetail no longer valid in V7?

Hey all,

In the Layout module, ShowSelectedInDetail – the command that re-displays selected hidden objects in a detail view, doesn’t seem to be available in V7. Is this intentional? Has something else taken its place?? Is there a list of commands that have been changed that’s available to us? When I run it I get the “Unknown Command” :slight_smile: thank you.

Posted this 5 days ago and got no answer. Now I noticed that RevCloud is an Unknown Command. Is this normal behavior for a WIP, guys? These were commands that were functioning in V6 but seem to be unknown in V7. Sometimes command names are changed ( I think). Is that what’s happening?

@mary these both fall in to the Layout module. Would you know the status on these? :slight_smile: Thank you.

Hi -
Both commands work fine here. They are both part of the Rhino Labs Tools plug-in.

Can you make sure that that one is both Loaded and enabled? You need to restart Rhino after changing these settings.

Sorry this went silent, Cosmas. Hope you are well.

My colleague @wim beat me to the post. (Thank you, @wim!)
The good news is that I have RevCloud in Rhino 7 Beta in model and layouts.
So all you should have to do, is make sure this Rhino Labs plugin is loading and restart Rhino.

Let us know if this resolves your issue.
Mary Ann Fugier

Thank you, guys. I knew they hadn’t been eliminated :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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