Is Rhinoscript Method file installed with WIP 8?

I have Rhino 7 installed and when I open the Rhinoscript editor the method browser window is populated.
I also have Rhino 8 WIP installed and the Rhinoscriprt method browser window is not populated.
I should note that my computer is not connected to the internet.

It has been so long since I did the original R7 installation that I don’t remember if I had to do something extra to get the Rhinoscript method browser to show its contents.

Thanks for any thoughts anyone can offer.

Hi @AlW,

I see that, thanks for reporting.

In the mean time, you might just use the RhinoScript help that comes with Rhino. From the editor, click Help > Contents, or from Rhino, click Help > Plug-ins > RhinoScript.

– Dale

RH-75229 is fixed in the latest WIP