Is Rhino competitive as a 3d program?

I am Korean. In Korea, we use Rhino a lot. However, I have heard that there is not much use of Rhino in foreign countries. I heard that sketch-up and 3ds max are often used in. Is Rhino competitive as a 3d program?

you can’t make an even comparison between nurbs and mesh programs, they have different objectives.

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I personally estimate a bigger spread of Sketchup around the world. Simply because its free to use. I also estimate a higher usage of 3dsmax in Visualization/CGI and Gamedevelopment, whereas I believe Rhino to have a bigger marketshare in Engineering and Design.


Agreed, but I’d also argue that the interface is less intimidating and simpler to get started than in Rhino. I think Rhino could benefit from having a beginner’s interface and an advanced interface, like grasshopper has.

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