Is possible to enumarete a set of curves?

Hello guys, I am strugling to find a solution to enumarate a set of curves. I select a set of curves wisth curve component by setting multiple curtves and graft them. But whenever i list lenght them, all those curves sticks with the same label, which is 0 and the value for all of them is 1.

I would like them to be numbered as 1,2,3 and so on. Is there anyway of doing it?

Thanks folks.

corte a laser.3dm (2.6 MB)

You didn’t attach any .gh file.
From what you’ve said, the error is the grafting, don’t do it.
[List length] gives you the length (int number) of every branch of a tree.
After grafting a simple list you’ll just have 1-item-long branches (or “lists”). And the first item of every list is at index 0.
That’s why you are getting 0s and 1s …