Is one one?

OK, what’s the deal here ? Is 1 not 1 ?

Through a panel, 1 becomes 1 again :

Panel output = A String (text). The text 1 = the text 1 that you are testing against.

The output of absolute value reads as 1 but is likely some floating point number behind the scenes. The issue here is tolerance vs decimal display. You should test in this case if Abs|A-B| < tolerance (it is good practice to always do that anyway, in scripting as well)

The real culprit here in tricking you is this option in File > Preferences > Display called “Special Case Integers” which you may want to turn off.


Thanks Michael,

I’ve learned something.
Strange that I don’t get thrown off more often by these mathematician’s nitpickings…
They seem to lurk everywhere in GH, but somehow, I manage to get some job done.


C’mon man, we discussed this in the workshop.

There’s an interesting discussion just now on hackernews about floating point error and rational data types:


Hi David :slight_smile:
But you noticed I was an inattentive pupil, didn’t you ?

Seriously, this training was top notch.
You have great skills for conveying complex ideas to weak intellects like mine.
I bet that, if you organized trainings up there in your mountains, you would still be fully booked.

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