Is my world non Cartesian

I have an issue because when in top view my object appear slanted when all other indications are they are normal to my XY plane. Leading me to believe that the Z axis is not normal to the XY plane… There is most likely a better explanation but I cannot find what is wrong…

OK I have 6 panels representing the walls of a space in which I need to locate equipment. The walls and floor are supposed to be normal to the XY and Z axis as I am expecting good masons:

When I look at the front view all look ok:

When Looking right same:

But when looking the top view, the walls parallel to the Y axis appear slanted:

as the double line suggest. But I checked the object geometry and they are perfectly orthogonal to the 3 axis.
to make sure I created the object highlighted below using the corner to corner box and entered the Coordinate manually (0,0,0),(25,920,605):

here are the properties:

ID: fd091d38-2d6a-46c5-9cd0-4233f5a72d37 (135533)
Object name: (not named)
Layer name: Default
Render Material:
source = from layer
index = -1
Attribute UserData:
UserData ID: CE28DE29-F4C5-4faa-A50A-C3A6849B6329
Plug-in: 17b3ecda-17ba-4e45-9e67-a2b8d9be520d
description: User text (0 entries)
saved in file: yes
copy count: 6

Valid extrusion.
Extrusion Surface
“U”: Closed (0 <= U <= 1890)
“V”: (0 <= V <= 605)
Path: (0,920,605) to (0,920,0)
End caps: start and end capped
End miters: square start and end
Profile curve:
Closed polyline with 4 points.
(0,0,0), (25,0,0), …, (0,0,0)
domain = 0 to 1890
Yet when view from the top it is slanted:

I know the view is Slanted and not tapered by observing the edge of the Polysurface:

Here is the file.

As far as I can see, my CPlane is aligned to the world top. I think?

Slanted world.3dm (49.9 KB)

Hi Jean Marc - with your ‘top’ view active type in Top and Enter or Plan and Enter - that should straighten it out.


so easy when you know…
Thanks Pascal…