Is MoveEdge okay to shorten an edge to 0?

Is it fundamentally (if thats the right word) ok to use MoveEdge to take edge AB to C and thus shrink CA to nothing or is it going to generate a nasty somewhere and cause issues, perhaps a naked edge dot, or some such nasty that will cause a problem later on ?
AB to C MoveEdge

Is it ok AB to C MoveEdge.3dm (81.7 KB)

I have done it on the opposing edge D and then wondered !



Hi Steve - it seems to be allowed, but I do not like that you cannot then merge the edge there. I would retrim the planar surface or make a new one starting from the DupBorder of the existing.


These types of operations always seem to lead to problems.

RemoveEdge mode=extendsideedges woud be a good alternative here.

I have run that command with that option, select the edge CA and hit enter and nothing happens.

I will have to redo as Pascal suggest, else I could make a surface to fill that gap and join with existing then later on after its a solid, mergeface.


You have to select both legs.