Is it time to move the ledger-line on materials?

Presently, I am finding a fair amount of bugs with material editing–but part of the reason is: the UI has a heavy burden to adapt to the old legacy material model–while still adding the Physically-Based Materials.

  • I find that materials still become corrupted and have to be recreated. I thought this might have been addressed in V7, but it doesn’t appear so.

  • The Transparency slider and values appear to be backwards for the Rhino legacy UI.

  • We cannot copy/paste colors from the Rhino Legacy to PBRs

Perhaps the UI is a compromise of two systems. While it would be great for the user to be able to load and covert a legacy file, I wish the PBR UI was more polished–even at the expense of the older UI.

For materials creation, I see several generations of UI design there, I’m not for “Clean” or change for the sake of change, but it looks and works like several different designs. We have percentages here–and decimals there.

Do check out Rhino WIP.

  • Custom 0% transparency is PBR 100% opacity
  • colors can be copied and pasted between custom and PBR materials
  • Lots of cleanup and polish conducted by @maxsoder
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My WIP version likely needs updating. Let’s see…