Is it possible to use results as constrant conditions for parameters in GH?

Hi all,

I’m thinking that is it possible to use results as constrant conditions for several parameters in grasshopper?

For instance, I’m creating a catenary. The shape of the catenary is influenced by two kinds of parameters: the distance between points A and B, and the Gravity. Now I want the lowest point of the catenary mesures 4 meters high from the ground. Can I use the result 4m as a constrant conditions for those two parameters? I mean now the result 4m is locked, when I change one of the parameters, the other one changes automatically to get the 4 meters result.

Does that means I need to find the mathematical relationship between every parameters and result? If so, when there are 10 or 20 parameters, things could be very difficult.

So…is there any solutions to this kinds of question? I think it mabe related to scripting…any directions?

I hope I discribed my question clearly.


You can change the value of the source parameters like sliders from code or using Metahopper. Is that your question?

What you have defined as a generic problem is actually redefining a particular problem to the given parameters (including results from other processes).

If you cannot redefine a process, then its parameter definition is a constraint, so you must convert the value of your parameters to the value of the parameters of that process, and this is particular to each problem.

Hi Dani,

Yes, I think Metahopper is gonna help me with that. Thanks for your patient reply, it’s very clear and I really appriciate.