Is it possible to twist a hatch or to project a hatch to a twisted surface? Solved thanks to John Brock

I had to make a slightly twisted roof and show how it looks with the wanted materials. unfortunately I do not know how to get a resonable result. I tryed with object controlepoints to lift one corner of the hatch but it does not work. I tryed to project the lines of the hatch on the surface but the function does not accept the lines.
Anyone a suggestion?

Sorry for my bad english, it is not my native language

You could Explode the hatch pattern into curves,
use FlowAlongSrf,
You will need a flat “Base surface”,
And a twisted “Target surface”.

The exploded hatch and base surface are on the right.
The twisted target surface and resulting curves on the left.


The tip to explode the hatch did it. When exploded it is easy to project and I even did not need to use FlowAlongSrf.