Is it possible to to a create a patch that is tangent to a surface in Grasshopper?

I have several closed curves that I have extruded to create ribbons. In Rhino, you can select the edges of these surfaces and create a patch that is tangent to the surfaces (as shown to the left). I cannot seem to find a similar option in Grasshopper, but perhaps there is a better way to go about this all together. The basis is, I need to take these closed ribbons and create rounded, pebble-like shapes from them.

I appreciate any input!

2020.03.02_McNeelForum_01.3dm (237.9 KB)

If you would make a loose loft from the profile, a copied (planar) profile copied to the height of your pebble and a point in the plane of the copied profile then you won’t need lousy patches.
Not sure though if you can feed a point like you can in Rhino, maybe through rhino common.

seems to work: (5.0 KB)

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I always wondered what the arguments of type point in the Brep.CreateFromLoft() method was for.
Thank you! :slight_smile: