Is it possible to specify minimum triangle angle when creating mesh?

Hi, I did a mesh for a small project. But for the fabrication to be realistic I planned to use MERO system which needs minimum triangle angle to be 35 degree.

Also, is it possible to set specific values for triangle angle? (for example multiples of 35)

thanks !

No, this is currently not possible. It is possible to set a minimum aspect ratio to filter out long, thin triangles, but not necessarily constrain them to a specific minimum angle. The filter also does not work everywhere.

As it seems you’re trying to create a structure, you’re probably better off trying to create a grid on the surface with something like PanelingTools or Grasshopper, which will afford you more control over the size/distribution of the elements.


Hi Mitch, thanks for answering me. Okay. I’ll try grasshopper.