Is it possible to show the back edges through a transparent object?

I’m currently mucking around with the “artistic” view style after getting a good tip from a previous post. I achieved exactly what I was aiming for aside from not yet finding a way to shade my back edges of the transparent object(s), or any object behind the transparent one for that matter. Any way of doing this? I’d be willing to even start from a different view style template if I can attain a similar look. Thanks!!

something like this
What I suggest is to create a separate style call it Artistic w hidden lines and use the _SetObjectDisplayMode

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This opened up a new rabbit hole! I had no idea you could combine display modes. For some reason I can’t use “realistic” with “artistic” but with the command you mentioned I can take an entirely new approach. I might be able to leverage a modified “arctic” mode (my favorite view style) with something. Thanks!!

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You’re welcome