Is it possible to reset objects' shading behavior?


So I am having the following dilemma.
I would like to create some sort of architectural diagrams in Rhino using Arctic Display mode, so I created a couple of different Arctic Display modes (blue, orange etc), so that I can apply different shading attributes to certain objects in the scene using “Set object shading attributes” command. However, once I apply this to a couple of objects and if I change my mind and would like to reset this shading behavior of these objects to the default, is there a way to do it?


Hi Dusan - run SetObjectDisplayMode again and choose ‘UseView’.
Does that do what you need?


Would it be possible to have a “Use object color” option in the Arctic display’s settings, similar to how objects get coloured in the Shaded view?

There could be a more efficient way to assign custom colors to some objects in Arctic that just involves 1 extra mode - a copy of Arctic that instead of White material, could use either object render color or object color. This way it should be much easier to edit object colors and handle assigning/removing custom display modes.

See this one for example - if you assign it to objects, they will use their render colors in Arctic mode.
Arctic_RenderColor.ini (11.5 KB)

Here is where the display mode settings are for this:

To reset custom display modes assigned to objects, follow Pascal’s suggestion.



Sorry for late reply! Yes! That’s what I was looking for! Thanks!

Thanks Jarek! This is very useful!