Is it possible to pull/push curvature Graph itself and have that adjust a curve?

Lets say CurvatureGraph shows a few issues, curve has a bit of a sharp kink etc, rather than F10 display control points and find the subtle moves of control points cause things to happen beyond the finesse of the mouse, graph starts to look worse, as it doesnt take much to sometimes dig a deeper hole !!! to get hold of the wand display and move that to make the graph better, and have that adjust the curve, is that possible with a command ?

else what is the best subtle way of sorting out parts of a curve with slight kinks etc without altering/upsetting the rest of the curve. I need a curve to go through certain points and if e.g there is a kink between two of those points, moving control points can see the curve ignore its original path, I need it to remain through those points and just tidy it up between them.

I find that despite planar being 'on. my adjustments seem to look good in one ortho view only to find its messed things up in another ortho view.

In fact I wish planar meant that whatever I was doing, it occurred planar, I select an object, move it with planar on and find its ended up on a different plane to where its started.

e.g. F10 for ctrl points on end of a rectangle, move them a few mm and in perspective I see afterwards they have found something in the foreground and I have a very bent rectangle !


I’d use Gumball on the points and turn the gumball ‘down’ (GumballDragStrength) as needed. I find dragging the Gumby for control points on the little plane icon much more ‘feely’ than dragging the point directly because there is no drag threshold.


Not got as far as Gumball yet, strange as it may sound, one manic race against time so I am working with what i am familiar with…and losing ground to various gremlins and bugs.

A crash course in the gumball and such as you just mentioned would be good, where can I find such quality video and maybe exercises to follow along to. I love to learn.


T[quote=“Steve1, post:3, topic:9911”]
where can I find such quality video

Try here for a start:

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Thanks Margaret,
Watched it and understood all, a well made video, what a great tool, far more uses than I imagined.
I love to learn and the current job is flat out work work work.
Cant wait to finish it and explore more. wanted to explore the others along the top but duty calls.