Is it possible to lock light position when creating a turntable animation?

Creating a turntable animation and was hoping to lock the position of the lights…is this possible?

Hello- yes and no… for rendered mode or full rendering, only if there are no lights - that is, there are not camera based ‘real’ lights in Rhino, only the default light over the left shoulder. Otherwise, in the various display mode lighting schemes there are directional lights that are camera based.


Thanks Pascal.

Or, in case I understood your query in reverse, adding ‘actual’ lights to the scene will work to have them be static and not follow the camera in rendered and full render capture.


Im confused…what do you mean “actual lights”?

Hello - if you do not place lights in the scene, Render places one for you over the left shoulder of the viewer. Shaded views by default have a lighting ‘scheme’ with some lights in it that you can’t get at directly. I am calling lights that the user adds as light objects (Splotlight, PointLight, etc) and that you can select in the document ‘actual’… those other ones are fake.


Ok got it. Thanks.