Is it possible to lessen size of layers etc palettes?

Hi, V5
My layers palette with the various columns and my layers names(especially the jpg file names I need to read in entirety, is occupying too much of my screen, I am forever turning it on and off, when I really need it mostly on, I am forced into using far less of the screen than I wish, a square screen , not my lovely landscape 24inch 1920x1200 eizo coloredge :slight_smile:

I wish one could reduce the font size of everything in there, just scale it all down a bit.


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Get a second screen (cheap will do), put your main modeling window on the Eizo, and all your big toolbars, layers window, etc. on the second screen…


Hi Mitch, unfortunately there is no room here for a second screen :confounded:
furthermore if on the laptop, again no area to stand a second screen when in chair watching tv etc., not sure it would support a second monitor.

can one not size the palette text ?