Is it possible to identify a surface in Rhino?

Is it possible to identify the method of building a surface in Rhino ( Type ): network, sweep?..



Hi Leandro -

That’s not possible, no. What problem would doing that solve?

I get a lot of projects we produce in Rhino, and I often have to make improvements or adaptations.

As they were made by other people, I have no way of identifying the method used in the construction.

I have to apply and re-apply textures, drawings, etc.

It would be great to have at least the type of surface identified, so that I can reproduce the same…



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this would actually be very handy :+1:t4:, only the McNeelies would know if this is possible though :person_shrugging:t4:

Hi -

Different commands don’t necessarily produce different type of surfaces and the exact same surface can, in many cases, be created with lots of different commands.
There isn’t a 1:1 relationship between a surface and the command that created it.

That is a reason you would want a parametric modeler rather than Rhino.
Rhino has no history of the construction process.

I understand, however if in the information of:
Object Description

For example:

-Network Surface
_Sweep2R Surface
_Patch Surface

It would be of great help, for those who live day to day, with Rhino.

In the ideal world, yes. But in the world where there are interactions of adjustments and drastic changes of projects, it doesn’t happen that way…

Yes, the greater the complexity of the project can result in issues that make parametric modeling a liability, slow rebuild times, broken features that must be troubleshooted when a change is made, etc.