Is it possible to have transparent canvas over the view?

For what I am trying to achieve the Sketch command does not quite cut it. (I don’t want Rhino to optimize my sketches into interpolated curves.)

Is it possible to allow a plugin to create a transparent canvas over the view on which one could paint/sketch using some basic 2d-brush?

The workflow how I imagine it:

  • I turn the plugin on
  • a transparent canvas is created on top of the current view
  • I do some sketching/drawing using a basic 2d-brush
  • when I change the view (rotate, zoom, pan) a “save” is created with current view/camera position and the canvas content, a new clean canvas is created
  • I can always return to my saved positions

The one missing peace seems to be the ability to paint with regular photoshop-like brush over the view.


sombe background info here:

I think what you re after is a display conduit that is doing a drawbitmap

(there is a <> Example button at the end of this page)

hope this helps - kind regards -tom

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