Is it possible to have different chain links in the same group of objects?


I have been working with bongo for just three days and I been trying to make multiple animations in the same set. I have a robot arm that consists of 7 blocks and i need to make three different animations to the same arm, each one following the other. When i try to copy one set into another animation, any change that i make conflicts with the previous. And i believe that is because the parent/child relationship is broken.

One of the animations requires the chain link to start from object 1 and go along to object 7. However the only way ive found that i can make the next animation is by making object 7 the parent and others to follow until object 1 is the last one in the chain.

I have tried changing the hierarchy in some of the objects and made them act independently but since they are relatively in the middle of the chain, it ends up moving the objects to different locations.

Though i figured out how to make a video animations with all three movement sets in the same frame. i would like to be able to make all three movement sets in rhino where i would be able to study each movement closely.

is there anyway to have multiple chain links in the same group of objects in a different order ?

Thank you.

The hierarchy of a chain is permanent throughout one animation set and cannot be altered along the way.
I guess you’ll have to make 3 different animation set (or 3 versions of your Rhino-file), and paste the 3 rendered videos together with some Video-editing software.