Is it possible to disassemble Rhino plugin dll

Sorry if it is a stupid/idiot question.
Is it possible to disassemble rhino-common plugin?
I mean is it possible to see the code from compiled dll.?

Yes, this is possible. RhinoCommon is .NET, and the .NET assemblies are not machine code, but so-called intermediate language (IL). When you start a .NET application (or load a .NET Rhino plug-in) the IL is compiled by the .NET framework into machine code and is then run (so-called just-in-time compilation).

The IL is easily re-converted into source code. There are ways to make the IL more difficult to understand, using obfuscation. This replaces all the variable names by strange letters and symbols, and also introduces strange programming constructs that are still valid code, but difficult to read. This can be used to make it more difficult for others to decompile your code.

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OK, Many thanks for the explanation !
I will not send out any plugin then. The person I gave the plugin did not pay me money and looks like will not. and I did send out my compiled plugin :frowning:

Iā€™m sorry to hear that!

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