Is it possible to Delete Elements from Model?

Dear experts,

I´m using a few dummy bars made of some mass-less Cross-Section (Named XCS) to inject loads into some lattice structure for convenience.

Is there a way to remove, delete, or deactivate such beams once the Analysis is performed? I do not want that their results appear in Node Forces component.

I´ve tried to deactivate said dummy bars using Element Activation component, but N-Forces dumps the following error: 1. Model of iteration #0: There are no calculated results available for the model. Did you forget to calculate the model?

It seems that as long as the model changes, the results are deleted and errors appear.

Any workaround to remove elements without destroying results?

Dear Vigardo,
sorry for my late reply.
You are right. changing the activation state of an element clears the model results. A workaround could be to give a specific id to the dummy elements and filter them out along with their results.
– Clemens