Is it possible to "cut" and "fold" surfaces?

I was wondering if it’s possible to “cut” into surfaces to fold parts of the surface down. I want to recreate this model in Rhino. As you can see, the surface is torn open and folded downwards.

I’d really appreciate your help! Need it for a end-of-semester assignment.

Thank you!

That image appears to be from
which looks like a voxelized version of this

Do you have any idea how I could work with this in Rhino?I want to create this “cut” and “fold down” effect to connect the different surfaces. This is my modell so far:

Cool project! I’m still learning the more esoteric aspects of Rhino, but looks like you’re on the right track. I might recommend splitting the flat surfaces with closed curves, and splitting the split areas further (imagine a 2D facet diagram). Then rejoin all the ‘facets’ and Ctrl+Shift the vertices and/or edges to move them up and down as desired. Could also possibly work decently well with big flat solids…is this for an architecture project?