Is it possible to copy and paste an image into Rhino 6?

We use the Picture command frequently, but that involves saving the image to a file first, then using the Picture command. Is there a way to just copy and paste an image without the need to save the image first?

What I would like to do is capture an image with SnagIt, and paste it directly into Rhino. Like this:




Not currently. The command-line will tell you:

Command: _Paste Unable to paste, no Rhino objects or text on the clipboard.
This has been requested before:

I’ve added the link to your request here to the item.

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Thanks Nathan. That would save so much time if it was possible.

Yeah, second that… --Mitch

I’m working now on the drag&drop code that works with clipboards as well. Maybe one could have a look sooner than the distant future.


That’s great to hear Nathan. Mitch pointed me to this thread because I asked for the exact same thing for the same use case that Dan posted: Screen captures from Snagit.

My request was here, as part of another request of dealing with embedding images: Is there a way to check if all Picture Frame images that were imported are embedded in a file?

RH-40450 is fixed in the latest WIP

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Thanks for adding this.

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