Is it possible to convert a Rhino file into Corel?

Today I saw somebody put a project on a freelancing web with this title:
Converting a part into Corel format for laser cutting.

I have never worked with Corel software and didn’t know what format it has. I searched the internet and saw somewhere, the Coprel format for laser engraving or cutting is HPGL (PLT). I went back to Rhino to find PLT, the only type of file I found was PLY.

Of course, I saw somewhere else that .ai format can be converted into Corel, so Corel itself can convert its usual files into PLT.

Whereas the Rhino files can be exported to .ai, this issue is possible indirectly.

Hi @sciensman,

Rhino can save .svg files (too).

– Dale

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You are right, sir

After your enlightening, I researched about .svg format. It is a type of file similar to .ia but with some differences that experts who work in graphic ground professionally know them.

I work with illustrator to make some logos, though nobody has chosen them up to now.

I don’t use illustrator components except for painting and such as effects.

I first make everything in Rhino and then get .ai output and transfer that to illustrator for painting.

These are two logos that I designed for two compilations on the freelancing web ( for about 400 designers participated in each one of the compilations!) I’m not hopeful to be a winner, because based on my experience, the masters choose logos with particular concepts and fonts instead of logos with high colors and effects.

Sometimes the masters choose a simple and small logo that I remain open mouth, how?! (while my logos are so much better and more complex). However, there is no way, and I have to adapt myself to the choices.

Not only two logos, but I design all my logos in Rhino.

Thank you so much

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nice that are doing that in Rhino, i love abusing rhino for logos either, i basically started doing most of such constructive 2 works in rhino ever since i started using rhino.

i like the simplicity of the first one, the 2nd one is for my taste too playful and loses strength because of it, i would make the puma/animal a more integral part, running on the gears like a hamster running in a wheel for instance, instead of letting it almost run past the entire logo. the text should be outside but i dont speak the language (i assume it is persian?) so i can not comment much on it.

Hi, encephalon

I’m glad you paid attention to my works :slight_smile:

Using Rhino for making a logo is not abusive. Although Rhino is an engineering software, nevertheless its originators themselves allowed users to transfer some of their works into Illustrator for such purposes by preparing .ai format in Rhino.

Illustrator is a drawing software and tracing picture with hand. It hasn’t geometrical facilities for accurate and mathematical works. In this situation, Rhino comes to help the designers to draw geometrical things and then transfer them into illustrators for 2D painting and converting them into vector pictures.

Your idea about the second logo was great. Such an idea came not in my mind to replace puma with the small gear or put it in the middle of the large gear. Your plan is better than mine. But I wanted to show the Wankel engine function, as well, though the two gears’ teeth were not matched, technically!

The logo was relative to a competition of an individual automobile parts market. I designed a few logos but I was not a winner. As far as I remember, the master didn’t introduce a winner, finally. That is another logo of the competition. I made it with Rhino initially, as well: