Is it possible to connect to other grasshoppers?

I’m wondering if it is possible for one grasshopper to bring in other grasshoppers as elements?

I imagine it would work like a ‘cluster’ with inputs and geometry output.

The example is a cupboard… inside it might have ends, adjustable shelves, fixed shelves, doors, hinges, various height drawers, etc. Rather than have all of those defined in grasshopper (20-30 parts), only the ones being used are loaded and placed.

A script could be used to call on all the grasshoppers, but that wouldn’t give a parametric preview of the whole cupboard.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Hi @agmckenna,

You might want to look at speckle

Metahopper too, I think.

In Params > Util see data output and data input components.


Thanks @Michael_Pryor, @scottd, @christopher.ho
Looking doable!