Is it possible to change the orientation of multiple windows at once?

As topic says:
Is it possible to change the orientation of multiple windows at once? If not - why not?
It is a bit clumsy to move all the control points one after the other and I havn´t found any menu entry for this either.


I don’t fully understand what you mean, but you can zoom in and out of all the windows while in a command.
you can also zoom in on the selected objects, and in all views at once with ZS and ZSA.
But that might not be what you need, so what do you mean with “orientation” ?

Michael, you can change the opening side (right or left) of multiple windows at once from the Properties panel. But it is not possible to change the opening direction except by moving the the window control points one by one, if this is what you are trying to do.

Sorry, this is not, what I meant.
I tried to use the term used in the English help file (as I use the German language version).
I now realize, that I used the wrong term. What I meant was the opening orientation, which is defined by the second click, when you manually insert the window into a wall.

Oh, that kind of window… :joy:

Ok, I take note of this request for the future development. Meanwhile use the windows control points to change their opening orientation.
If the windows are located in the same wall (that follows a straight path) you can use the Mirror command, as a workaround.


And yeah, an option to change multiple selected windows would be good.