Is it possible to (and how) refine the meshes in specific areas of an object?

Hi. Again a question from a newbie:

How can I refine one area of an object more or less than others?

Thank you in advance.

Hi macotes- the short answer is no, but you can to a degree by using the detailed controls in the Mesh command- the setting for ‘Maximum distance edge to surface’ controls, well, just that, so areas of high curvature will tend to be meshed more densly. This can be accomplished using the Maximum Angle setting as well but this is not scale dependent.

Do you have an example of what you are trying to do what we could take a look at?


Another method is to extract the surfaces and split them up… I have sometimes used isocurve split to force objects to mesh in a spesific manner.

I don’t recomend this, as it can cause trouble down the pipeline, but if you need to render right now, then it is a workaround.

And remember to join the surfaces back up again, to avoid naked edges.

Thank you both, Pascal and Holo. Your answers are perfect for me! But when I have tried to refine a cylinder, I realize that the meshes created are as long as the cylinder itself. Can I add more “sections” to the cylinder?

This is because the cylinder is an extrusion. If you run the command ConvertExtrusion on the cylinder first, your meshes will not have the faces that are as long as the cylinder itself.

Thanks a lot.