Is it possible not to merge coincident points for some geometry?

I have lofted hexagons stretched between two cable nets. It’s working fine, though a little slow. The tensile membrane behaves as if they share “walls”. Is it possible to tell Kangaroo 2 not to merge coincident points for some of the geometry so that each lofted hexagon is separate?

Hi Mark,

The easiest way to make the individual tubes here stay separate during the simulation would be to scale the internal vertices of each tube towards its centre by a tiny amount (say 0.999), making sure also to set the Tolerance of the solver component to something lower than the resulting distance between adjacent tubes.
It also looks like the individual meshes there are unnecessarily dense - I’d recommend using the ‘Simple Mesh’ component to get a mesh where each face of the original extrusion becomes a single quad, then subdividing or refining - with an L of 2 should be plenty - so turning each quad into 16 new ones. You can always subdivide again after the simulation if you want a smoother result.

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Something like this: (16.8 KB)

Wow, that’s cool! Thanks for that tips.