Is it normal that if we change one parameter, the API makes a dozens of network connections (50-100)?

we realized that every change of a parameter triggers a bunch of network connections to In one case there are 66, in an other case we have 86 connections. Is that normal?
I ask because sometimes the changes happen very slowly.
Thanks for your reply,

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@locherschmuck This number of connections is not unusual, especially for larger models. The more meshes your model has, the more assets ShapeDiver has to send to your browser, hence more network connections. If your model doesn’t respond as quick as you would wish, check your internet connection first and then consider optimising the geometry. You can learn more in the video tutorials and on our blog.

@diff-arch ShapeDiver is lucky to have growing community of customers happy with our technology and services. You might find it surprising but that’s all you need for generating profit :wink:. This Forum is for technical support and not a place for speculation so please read our T&C, Privacy Policy, also learn more about ShapeDiver’s architecture.