Is it just me or is Rhino absolutely riddled with bugs in relation to layers, visibility, copy pasting to various layers etc?

This is very like related to your situation.

How long have you been using Rhino?

How did you start using Rhino? Systematically go through training material in a systematic way, or dive in and start using it based on your knowledge of other software?

How much have you customized Rhino? What did you base your customizations on?

Where did that button come from? If you look up how to edit the buttons, you can see what it’s actually doing. Not sure why you’re using a button on a custom toolbar for this though, clicking on the TABS below the view are a handy way to switch views.

Well it looks like your mesh has a shadow below it, which means the Ground Plane must be on, and as such is probably obscuring your curves…that’s one guess anyway.

Yeah…they’re all kind of related to each other in terms of what they do and how you use them, Rhino is from a different galaxy.


Still haven’t installed rhino 7 on bootcamp but another thing i noticed lately in rhino 7 on mac was that in the rendered view nothing was visible. I mean didn’t change the material and but usually everything is visible with the standard material in rendered view.
Gonna try it again later if it happens again.

I have come to realise nothing is perfect. Glitches are in all software, just have to keep testing, trying again etc and things usually come ok.