Is it bug, is it a gripe, is it misguided - Block CPlane

It has been bugging me for years.

When you create a block you can choose the insertion point. This is a supremely useful thing, it avoids that we need to move the geometry close to the w0,0,0 in order to control the insertion point.

However, when you create the block in an non ‘World’ CPlane, why does it take the world xyz direction? Why, whyyyyy.
This is especially annoying in complex geometries where you are developing the geometry a non-world-orthogonal CPlane, and you then realize that you cannot insert your blocks because the are all rotated (3d rotated sometimes).

Yes, because - naturally - when you insert a block, it takes into account the current CPlane.

And normally this happens ... ['wordy' example ;)]

And normally this happens after you already copied (not inserted) the original block a great number of times…because they were in the same direction. Which means you already have all the mullions of Norhtwest façade in place, because you arrayed them, and when you insert the first mullion on the Northeast, you realize that the block is not oriented in the direction you expected, and you are faced with the dilema: ‘do I simply copy and orient the existing block on all the façades or do I redefine the block and my whole northwest needs to be reinsert’… and the transoms, and the doors and the openable windows… …

Depending on the geometry, it actually may not be easy to reorient the block contents. On the other hand, the opposite would be easy: if I would like the block to take the world xyz (why would I?), all I have to do is to… switch to world coordinates…

I sometimes (when I remember) end up creating a block with a simple circle, insert it in the working CPlane, and BlockEdit and add the geometry.

Just because there are workarounds, it doesn’t mean the basics may not be conceptually misguided.


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Hi @nsgma,

I’ve found at least two reports for this.

The Block command should prompt you for the reference plane, with World or Current, imo.

– Dale

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Thanks Dale,
:cry: 4 years, 2 versions. Release target 9 !!!
This is such an apparently simple thing to solve. I don’t know when one would like the block to take the world, but fine make it an option.

The fact is there are a few of these, I should write a series, but recent a recent one is the use of the centroid of the scene to insert the clipping drawings. Makes the whole thing unusable or incredibly cumbersome in large projects.

I assume all of your blocks only contain 2d geometry?

RemapCPlane and then Block is a good command sequence.

— Dale

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I never came across the RemapCPlane. It would be sort of the opposite of the dummy block strategy, with the disadvantage of decontextualizing the geometry. Still this assumes that you realize you need to do it in time. More often than I care to admit I only remember this too late.

Not at all. Mostly are in 3D, but need to adapt to non-orthogonal geometry. I mean it doesn’t even have to be non-orthogonal geometry. It just has to deviate from xy direction.

In more complex, non-orthogonal non-vertical situations it gets even more difficult.

What I cannot imagine is a situation where you would want your block to be using the world xy directions if you are working on other xy environment. Especially considering how simple it would be to get back to the world xy if you really wanted.

A recent simple and non complex example.

We have a orthogonal area but positioned at an angle in relation to xy. We created a CPlane for that area and start working within that area. We fenced the area, created blocks for different parts of the fence, for the gates, etc. As everything was mostly orthogonal, the blocks were mostly place by copying, and rotating from the original one. Then there was a part of the fence that was on a curve and at some angles. You can of course copy and rotate as well, but if you start inserting and rotating the block, it will be allover the place. If you export the block to use in other (part of the) project it will be not really useful.

You can say “be more attentive”, but it is really unexpected behaviour. And doesn’t seems a big ask to solve.

Thanks, N

current cplane should always be prioritized over world but unfortunately it is not the case.

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