Is Galapagos C# code publicly available?

Dear experts,

I need a fast Genetic Algorithm code in C# that works in GH to make a custom C# component to optimise some function. Any idea?

I´ve already tried this GA code, but the GA is very inefficient in comparison with Galapagos.

For example, whereas Galapagos barely requires a few hundreds of iterations to obtain a very accurate solution, the other one requires much more iterations (hundreds of thousands) and does not produce accurate results at all. (14.6 KB)

Is there any way to get rid of all Galapagos “GUI” stuff directly from GH´s C# component?

Is Galapagos code available elsewhere?


I have successfully used Octopus components to build a UI-less solver in GH to replace Galapagos




It would be a workaround, can you share some example? Thanks!!