Is Fusion worth having?

I see that Autodesk, bless 'em, have quite a tempting offer on a subscription for Fusion that runs out this Friday.

Is it worth having for sorting out fillets and stuff for Rhino? Is there anything else it does that’s worth bearing in mind, when used in partnership with Rhino? I have no intention of ditching Rhino and moving to Fusion (that will never happen) but I’ve seen a few on here say that it’s good at addressing some of Rhino’s weaknesses. At the offer price, it seems worth considering as a Rhino ‘plugin’…

Does it punt STEP files back and forth to Rhino nicely or is a there a better format to use?


It is probably a good idea to give some details of what work you do, maybe including images, and what aspects take a lot of your time and energy. The answer to your question may be very specific. I won’t be able to help because I have never used F360. :smiley: