Is not affiliated with McNeel?

Is not affiliated with McNeel ?
There is a section tools plugin McNeel etc. 4hrs trying to do a sectional view so far and maybe this will do it. Rhino visual tips not working, nothing on you tube, …
It is asking me to log in, I do so and I am rejected yet I use my McNeel website for addons etc password and email.
I dont want to go using such accurate ones on 'other ’ websites.

Is this site nothing to do with McNeel , as my McNeel login should work.

update, I try for the login with McNeel button and I am in, but then it loses me the plugin, search doesnt find it.
so exit that, go to McNeel wiki and clikc the link that took me there, and now it shows, its an .rhi file, so now I need to fathom out how to use an .rhi file for V5.

How is this done ?



It is definitely affiliated with McNeel. You can log-in with your Rhino account.

You maybe do not have a Rhino account - you could have created a separate account/login for Discourse.
To create a Rhino account, go here:

my update just missed your post :slight_smile:

what do I do with the .rhi for v5 I have downloaded.

I did click the v5 one :slight_smile:


Double-click on it…

with rhino v5 running or not ?


I would say not to be sure, but it may work either way.

Rhino off, d/click and select all users, and it I assume is now on., it said done.

Now to find a tut on how to use it for a bent section.

I cant see any documentation for it though, nothing to tutor it.
SectionTools Plugin for Rhino [McNeel Wiki] says click here for docs but thats v7
click here for older versions, I do that and its just the .rhi file !
I am V5

I have got the V6 pdf, v independent !
However the model is v6,
could some kind soul convert this to V5 for me please.
HutModel.3dm (311.1 KB)

Although a bent section isnt talked through, perhaps dir custom will be what I seek.
update, blast, it doesnt do a bent section.
Back to the drawing board, oh dear.

This looks to be a useful tool except for that it doesnt do a bent section, it took a plugin to start to deliver what was totally lacking in Rhino.

But now what do I do ?



Converted: HutModel_v5.3dm (565.7 KB)
Not sure what you mean by " bent section"?

I think Steve wants jogged sections

Than you Fred_C :smiley:
yes, jogged sections, never knew they were called that.


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@Steve1 SectionTools use clipping planes to help clip a section in display and is bound by its limitation being a plane. If you need jagged sections, then consider using VisualArq plugin:

I dont see a plugin just for sections, is it the entire VisualArc for 795 euros I need or is there a plugin section I missed ?



Rhino doesn’t natively do jogged sections, but the VisualArq add-on includes them (as well as a lot of other stuff).