Is CRhinoObjRef different form CRhinoObject ?(C++/Rhino5)

Some function need to input a parameter of CRhinoObjRef.
Due to I only have a CRhinoObject, I have to change from it to CRhinoObjRef.
How to do it ?
What is the difference between " CRhinoObject" and " CRhinoObjRef" ?

Where to you see this? What header file is this declared in?

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Sorry ~ :scream:
It is CRhinoObject.
I get it from Iterator. How to get CRhinoObjRef from CRhinoObject?

CRhinoObjectIterator Iterator( CRhinoObjectIterator::undeleted_objects, CRhinoObjectIterator::active_and_reference_objects );
for( const CRhinoObject* rh_obj = Iterator.First(); rh_obj; rh_obj = Iterator.Next() )

If you look at the declaration of CRhinoObjRef, in rhinoSdkObject.h, you will see that you can create one from a const CRhinoObject*.

Oh, I got it.
I need to create a new variable.
I should not look for CRhinoObjRef from CRhinoObject member and method.
Right ? :sweat_smile:

            const CRhinoObject* object // object in doc


Thank you very much. :joy: