Is anyone able to create renders using Rhino Raytrace that compare to keyshot or vray?

How do I get 7 in that case?

Rhino 7 for Windows:
Rhino 7 for Mac:


I understand that, but for a free solution it isn’t half bad :wink:
And the benefit of the light is that you can move it around, add more lights if you like, and also adjust their color like here where I use one cool and one warm light:

The links for the WIPs are on the Download page where they have been for years.

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Thanks Holo. This system seems to work for now. Played with color lighting like you show but I have to learn more about lights in rhino. Will have to master applying textures next and doing proper lighting next!

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I wanted to see the rendering differences between WIP 7 and Rhino 6, so I did a bit of a comparison specifically comparing Raytrace display and Render mode


Rhino 6:
Display mode: Raytrace White (cycles), 1000 samples, render device rtx 2080ti: 1min39sec:

WIP 7:
Display mode: Raytrace White (cycles), 1000 samples, render device rtx 2080ti: 1min34sec:



Rhino 6:
Render, 1000 samples, render device rtx 2080ti: 5min40sec:
5min limit on video recorder reached:
Resulting render:

WIP 7:
Render, 1000 samples, render device rtx 2080ti: 3min3sec:
Resulting render:

WIP 7 wins

So between Rhino 6 and WIP 7, the raytrace (cycles) display mode is relatively unchanged between the two. The resulting images and render times were pretty much the same. I did find a very slight improvement in render time when I rendered without having the screen recorder active, but this wasnt significant.

The straight render output, however, was much faster and better in WIP 7 at almost half the time. And the resulting image looks more like cycles render. Nice work on the update. Please release to Rhino 6. :pray:


The “Cycles” renderer is actually available for Rhino6 if you use:
and install the “Rhino Render Next” plugin.
after that you just choose it from the Render pull down menu at the top of the screen and set it as the current renderer.


Thank you. Installed but I can’t find it?

Check here you will find it.

Thanks. I guess the computer restart helped. :slight_smile: