Irregularity tiling with custom size panels

I accomplished a simpler look but my panels are the same size, is it possible to create irregularity tiling with consistent height but 3 or more different tile width? I tired subdividing UV on a surface but it is not an accurate representation of the size of the tile.

-I tried skin designer but I’m still new to it.

I attached links to a project that has the problem that I’m trying to figure out:

Quick and dirty, but it’s something to start with :smiley: (12.5 KB)

Here with colors according to the size.

thank you so much! I managed to develop it. I posted it here so that others can see it and share knowledge. I will try to see if I could add LED light strips just like the reference image. I may just do it in rhino because I’m not that good in grasshopper. (24.1 KB)

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